Twin Brooks Threshing Show

Threshing Show News


Join us Saturday to watch the guys run the sawmill at the threshing grounds. Food available


We will still be having plow day. Bring your antique tractor and plow and have some fun. There will be food available


Plow Day at the threshing grounds on Sunday August 9th starting at 1.00. Antique plows only please.
There will be a food stand


We regret that the 2020 Twin Brooks Threshing Show is cancelled. Working on scheduling other activities throughout the summer and into the fall.


General meeting will be February 6 with potluck at 7pm at Countryside covenant church. Everyone welcome.


Our Mission:

To honor those who through great toil and sacrifice came to settle and develop this land. With much care, hard work, and dedication they helped to make this land the great country it is today.
With our annual event we humbly hope to preserve the way of life of those early pioneers, so that they and their lifestyle are remembered for many generations to come.
We invite and welcome all who share a passion to preserve our heritage of this land, to join with us in our mission. Anyone with even the smallest amount of time, tools, or information are always welcome to come and participate.